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Universal Sport Bag
Universal Sport Bag
Universal Sport Bag
Item#: motor2
Price: $85.00

Product Description
Your pets will travel everywhere and on whatever vehicle, be it in the city or mountain bike, scooter, motorbike, car or your shoulders. Thanks to its incredible versatility, you may travel with your petu everywhere in complete safety: on a plane, during free time using the USB as a shoulder bag, on your bike, scooter or motorbike, while during sports or everyday commitments!!! Always with you in perfect style!! The USB is not only for a dog, but also for a cat, an iguana, a ferret, a rabbit and whatever other small pet. Your friend's comfort is respected by using padded and hypoallergenic materials. Aeration window pads grants a suitable air circulation while the safety leash prevents your pet from falling or go out unintentionally. 27cm W x 45cm L x 32cm H or about 10� x 17.7� x 12.5�.
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